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Hospice & Palliative Care

Creating peace and healing in difficult times.

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At-home treatments in times of need.

Non-needle treatment available. 

End of life care as well as chronic debilitating diseases like cancer can create stressful environments for the patient and the family.
Medical treatments typically consist of pain medications that often remove the consciousness of the patient from their family at a time when bridges can be built and peace can be made.

Acupuncture treatments for hospice and palliative care are customized to address the stages of grief and help move the patient through emotional blocks.  

Research has proven that combining treatments in acupuncture and its various modalities with hospice and palliative care leads to significant benefits in patient comfort levels. The treatments are individualized for the patient and often do not require the insertion of needles or the number is greatly reduced.

Treatments can be provided at the patient’s residence, hospice, or assisted care facility. Family members can discuss with the medical and nursing personnel about this, and I would be available to answer any questions from them.

Please call if you have any questions about this.

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