Karen Gana PhD MS NCCAOM Diplomat in Acupuncture LAc

I have arrived to this place in my life, being a licensed acupuncturist, after many years in biomedicine. I have been an educator of medical students and other health profession students for many years as well as being involved in biomedical research.

What drew me to pursue the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture? I was dissatisfied with the increasing role of medications that chased the symptoms of the disease or disorder. No thought was being given to why these things were taking place. I watched loved ones get bombarded with medications that brought more problems than the disease they were being treated for.

Through my anatomical and biomedical studies I had witnessed the amazing healing power of the body…it is a self-healing miraculous living machine. Often things we are doing in our lifestyle are preventing the healing from happening. I always believed that health and getting back to health should be more simple endeavours , and often had more to do with getting the body back into the proper balance. Personally, I had suffered with sporadic sciatica and sacroiliac issues for many years that had no real “organic” problem that imaging or testing could find. Going through acupuncture treatments worked for me to eliminate the pain and to understand the root of my problems. I had to find out what this was all about! So I began the journey to seek the answers to the many questions I had for so many years. I want to share this knowledge and help relieve suffering.