Needle-free Acupuncture is available

Are you a little afraid of the “needles” despite everything you have read and heard from others?
Your Health Acupuncture is now offering NEEDLE-FREE acupuncture treatment. Sound has the ability to pass quickly through the fluid and bone of our body, activating the channels in a similar way as needles, but non-invasive. I am part of a small group of acupuncturists trained and certified in this modality.

What to expect?
You will have an initial intake and your pulse and tongue will be examined as with all TCM acupuncture treatments, and I will determine the appropriate treatment plan….which acupoints and which tuning forks …to utilize. There is no need for any skin exposure. Certain frequencies will be delivered to the acupoints to balance body, mind, and spirit.

Does this treat the same things as regular acupuncture?
— Yes, absolutely! And there are no contraindications, and everyone can benefit.
— The diagnosis and treatment follows all the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
— Since it is NON-INVASIVE, children, persons with weak constitutions, and even the elderly can get all the benefits that acupuncture brings.

mental/emotional issues like anxiety and depression
digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, heartburn
sleep problems
menstrual problems
painful conditions
facial renewal
…and many more…

Feel free to call or email me with any questions about this new and effective treatment.