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treatments for women



Treat yourself with one of these effective and soothing treatments.

Each specialty is only a half-hour long

Special introductory rates…call for more info and to schedule.


These treatments can be combined with a regular acupuncture treatment or                                                                                                               you can combine 2 of these specialty treatments for a bundled price.




peristeam hydrotherapy                          safe effective herbal cleansing treatment for postpartum, infertility, menopause,  and many                                                                               gynecological conditions including  fibroids and prolapse, postpartum, or to regulate your                                                                                  periods




Mini-facial rejuvenation acupuncture                                               calming, hydrating, tightening treatments




qigong for women                                    monthly session to learn a basic qi gong movement for increasing your energy, relieving stress                                                                            and negative emotions, for health and wellbeing


sound healing                                           monthly group sessions, as well as individual sessions available, to use the power of sound to                                                                                                 rebalance your body and emotions.


Please call 315 401-8816 for more information